Gifts for peace

Gifts for Peace

The concept: Every Scout in the world making a contribution towards peace to mark the 100th anniversary of Scouting.

The subject of peace – specifically peace education - has always been a fundamental part of Scouting. Scouting recognises the need for renewed action to combat the problems which we all face; chief amongst these is the need for a more peaceful world achieved through a culture of peace, and not simply the absence of war.

By focusing on the development of the individual and by striving towards an ideal of fraternity and understanding, Scouting already plays a tremendous, although indirect, role in the promotion of peace at all levels. This 100th anniversary is an excellent time to celebrate the work which has been done by Scouting in the cause of peace and to demonstrate publicly our commitment, as a Movement, to creating a more peaceful world and linking with others having similar aims. It was decided by the 36th World Scout Conference in Thessoloniki that during 2007 each National Scout Organization should present a Gift for Peace and that these gifts should be the result of work accomplished by young people since 2005.

It will be an enormous achievement when, in 2007, every single Scout in the worldwide Movement can say what has been done for peace.

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