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Scouting trains young people from all walks of life for a life of success, responsibility and personal effectiveness. The whole philosophy behind scouting, both for boys and girls, involves cultivating 3 values that will serve as foundations for successful futures. These 3 foundations are discipline, focus and empathy.



Discipline is crucial for any kind of success in life. Discipline, in a nutshell, is the ability to stick to what is necessary, regardless of how inconvenient or how uncomfortable it is. The big payoff is that by doing what is necessary now, you get a reward in the future.

This is definitely the case with school. It’s very easy to just stop doing homework and just enjoy playing outside with your friends, but you end up failing to cultivate the necessary skills that you need to do well in exams and in school in general.

Discipline is all about paying your dues. It’s all about delayed gratification. Scouting highlights this very important value and teaches kids to be disciplined early on. They understand its value and they understand that it is a necessary skill for a later success in life.


Regardless of how intelligent you are, you need to channel your willpower and turn it into focus for you to achieve anything in life. That’s how important focus is.

Focus enables you to start a project, stick to it until you see it all the way through. Focus enables young people to become responsible, to put in the right amount of work and attention to detail, to ensure that whatever projects they sign up for are completed at a high level of quality.


Empathy is the lifeblood of leadership. To lead people, you have to be able to see situations from their pair of eyes. This requires the willingness to understand other points of view.

Empathy enables us to step into the shoes of other people so we can look at the same situation and arrive at some sort of middle ground.

Great leaders are able to speak to the needs of their followers and are able to inspire them to work towards common goals. Empathy is crucial for such effective leadership communication.


Scouts learn to

Develop Descipline

How exactly does scouting cultivate the value of discipline in girl scouts and boy scouts? First, scouts learn the importance of planning. By being clear as to what their goals are, they can then understand the amount of time and effort required of them.

Next, scouting cultivates discipline by teaching scouts to coordinate. When you’re coordinating with many different people from different backgrounds with different personalities, at some level or another, you have to learn, sooner or later, to set your differences aside. You may not necessarily see eye to eye with each other in terms of personality, but you learn the value of tolerating and forgiving conflicts so you can focus on your similarities to achieve a common goal.

Scouts also learn how to manage their time. This requires discipline. There are so many things competing for your attention. With proper time management skills, scouts learn how to quickly prioritize and focus on what’s important. This enables them to practice a high level of resource management so they can maximize their return on effort.

Discipline is also fostered when scouts work as a team. In any group, there will always be differences of opinion. There will always be more than one way to look at the same situation. By learning how to work as a team, scouts figure out their common goals and allow that common interest to push them to set aside personal agendas so the team can succeed.

All of these take discipline. All of these require focusing on the necessary over shortcuts, quick payoffs and giving in to one’s impulses. A solid background in scouting plants the seed for high level discipline that can help a young person achieve victories in many areas of his or her life.

Thanks to the rise of all sorts of mobile devices and wireless gadgets, it seems that there are so many things competing for our attention. It seems that today’s youth suffer from a quickly decreasing attention span.

Scouting helps youth develop focus by giving them projects that require them to cultivate the ability to start something, stick with it, and carry it all the way through to completion. This is a fundamental skill for any responsible adult.

Scouting also teaches kids the connection between planning, commitment, action and constant attention to detail.


Scouting helps to

Develop Focus

In short, kids are trained to understand that their decisions have long term consequences. By making the right decisions now and focusing on those choices, they get to choose a future outcome.
Finally, scouting also helps develop a self sustaining type of focus. When somebody is able to perform at a peak level, they get great results. When they get these results, they feel more motivated. When they’re more motivated, they are more likely to take better action to get even better results. This can go on and on in an upward spiral of ever increasing success.


Scouts working together to

Develop Empathy

Thanks to community outreach programs as well as group activities, scouting organizations give participants plenty of time and space to build and develop interpersonal contacts. By working together towards a common mission, team members quickly realize that they have different skills that they bring to the table. This gives them a chance to help others with skill levels in aptitudes that are very different from theirs. This opportunity to bridge gaps and overcome differences teach kids very valuable lessons in empathy and kindness. These values are crucial for life success and overall well being.

If you are looking for a great way to effectively develop your children’s character, scouting is a tried and proven solution. Your kids can learn how to be more disciplined, how to train their willpower on a consistent basis, how to achieve greater results, as well as learn how to be kind and compassionate.

This website shares important resources that enable young people from all walks of life to discover the great benefits scouting can bring to their lives.

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