The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to War Robots

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to War Robots

This article will summarize the important details that novices should focus on buying at the initial stage of the War Robots game. The article will provide much info about close range combat, as sniping and medium range combat are only feasible once you activate the 4th Hangar slot and get a group of stable robots.

Starting Equipment

At the initial stage of the game, players would be offered items like 100,000 Silver, 100 Gold, a single Hangar slot, and a level 1 Destrier which also includes a level 1 Spiral and a level 1 Molot.

2nd Hangar Slot

Majority of the players will prefer to buy 2 Punishers for the Destrier and elevate them quickly to level 2. Activating the second hanger slot and buying a Cossack will help boost the chance of the player and increase his chance of survival to remain active until the end of each battle. At present, both the Destrier and Cossack can be boosted to level 2 now.

The acquisition of a Punisher Mk2 and boosting it to level 2 is a viable option for the Cossack. Generally, the Punisher Mk2 is considered to be of higher quality than the Molot Mk2 as it can be easily damaged and the Cossack’s speed permits it to be closer to the firing range.

The player can then focus on boosting their robots’ weapons (up to around level 4) until they are able to activate the 3rd hangar slot and buy their first medium Robot.

3rd Hangar Slot

Players are spoilt with numerous choices of medium robots and each has their own advantages and shortcomings. Opting for Gl. Patton 4x Molot or 4x Punishers are only required to buy one light weapon. Either of them can form a deadly combination to tackle Destriers and Cossacks, the Molots also offers you a range to the detriment of the Punishers. If you are undecided or you are feeling insecure, then opt for the Molot because they are the best for the slower Patton. Endeavor to always upgrade your weapons to level 4 and also boost your robots to level 2.


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