The Pros of Different Garbage Disposal Types

The Pros of Different Garbage Disposal Types

Garbage disposal in all aspect is somewhat similar. The two basic types of food disposal are the continuous feed models and the batch feed models. It is advised that you opt for an option that comes with included accessories when you are choosing a garbage disposal.

Batch Feed Model

The fabrication of the particular type of garbage disposal demands that you have it loaded with waste and food. Once the unit is full, the stopper that triggers the blades must be turned down. The advantages of the batch feed garbage disposal over the continuous feed garbage disposal are listed below.


The feed batch garbage disposal is equipped with a cover or perhaps what is known as a stopper, which implies that you are presented with a wide hole for small hands to grab or foreign objects to fall into.

For families and individuals that have minimal waste to be disposed of, this is the ideal and the most efficient option.

The batch feed garbage disposal is much safer than the conventional feed models, owing to the fact that you are required to have the chamber filled up and have the opening covered before you can power on the disposal. If perchance a foreign object is mistakenly dropped into the disposal, there is little or no chance of a disposal jamming to occur.

Continuous Feed Model

Just as the name implies, this kind of garbage disposal run continuously from the moment it is powered on to the point you decide o shutting it down. Below are some of the benefits of continuous feed garbage disposal that you might find interesting


For families and individuals with a large amount of waste to be disposed of, a continuous feed garbage disposal is the best option, with this, you do not necessarily have to wait until the chamber is filled just so you power on the unit.

This kind of garbage disposal is the best option for a business that intends on cleaning their kitchen while working. The waste can just be thrown into the disposal while you are work.

Continuous feed garbage disposal is a lot cheaper compared to the batch feed garbage disposal and statistics in the market reveal that they sell better.


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