Tap the services of the right nearshore software development company for your scout mobilization software

Tap the services of the right nearshore software development company for your scout mobilization software


Thanks to the advent of the iPhone, scouting has never been easier. You have to understand that the biggest headache involving any kind of scouting-related activity has to do with mobilization. Great scouting organizations are able to muster up a huge number of scouts at a moment’s notice. It’s hard to do this by picking up the phone. You will have to pick up the phone many times over to get that going. The same applies to email.

The best way to mobilize a huge amount of people to do scouting work in a moment’s notice is through software. The amazing thing about software is that it’s able to hit you with communications regardless of how you choose to be notified.

For example, as I write this, I am probably going to be only notified via email. That’s the only way to reach me. Other people prefer to be reached via Skype. Even others prefer Facebook. We’re all different. We all have specific preferences as far as communication channels are concerned.

If you run or help lead a scout troop, this poses a serious challenge. It’s not like you have a huge group of people ready, willing and eager to notify all scout members using a wide range and a long list of communication channels. How do you do this? Is it even possible?

Well, it is. You only need to use the right scout mobilization software. This piece of software enables scout organizations, regardless of their size, to quickly, easily and efficiently, contact all members using a wide range of communication options.

For example, not only will it call you on your mobile phone, it will also call you at home, it will also send you an email, notify you on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on and so forth. How do you like them apples? Sounds awesome, right?

Well, not quite. Getting that piece of software developed is going to be a headache because different scouting organizations have different needs. And unfortunately, sitting down, writing down the specifications and then emailing that list to a development company located in India, Pakistan, or the Philippines, is not going to cut it. Why? Chances are, they will be asleep while you’re awake, and vice versa.

Given that situation, there might be all sorts of important details lost in translation. There might be all sorts of details that fall between the cracks. And while this miscommunication may not necessarily kill your project, it will definitely boost its cost sky high. Wouldn’t you rather spend less money to get your software built faster?

If you answered yes, then the solution to your problem is nearshore software development company. Nearshore software development simply involves doing business with software companies based in Eastern Europe.

The great thing is that their time zone enables faster software development, plus it’s easier to monitor the different stages of the development process. Also, since these companies are located in Eastern Europe, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg.

While they’re not necessarily as cheap as Indian development companies, given the tremendous strategic advantages you gain by getting your software done using a nearshore software development company, everything pretty much washes out in the end. In other words, you get the very best while sacrificing as little comfort and convenience as possible.

If you are serious about developing the ultimate scout mobilization software for your scouting organization, you really cannot afford any other solution than to go with a nearshore software development system. Look into this today. You’d be surprised. Prepare to get your mind blown because it has a lot more advantages than disadvantages.


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