LEADERS:Effective Communicator

Scout leaders are given a tremendous amount of opportunity to become better communicators. There are two kinds of leadership: organic and hierarchical leaders.

Hierarchical leaders become leaders because of where they sit in the hierarchy chart. They are leaders because of the title that the organization has given them. Unfortunately, hierarchical or formal leadership can only go so far. To be a truly effective leader, you have to be an organic leader.

Organic leadership really boils down to effective communication. It doesn’t matter what school you went to. It doesn’t matter what your past experience is. If people can see from the way you communicate that you can inspire them and that you can give them very important information that enables them to step their game up, they would be more than happy to follow you. This is the kind of leadership scouting movements all over the world try to teach their members.

The bottom line is that the essence of leadership is effective communication. This, of course, is easier said than done because everybody comes from different backgrounds, everybody has different experiences.

Effective communications by leaders cut through all the difference and zeroes in on what all team members share in common. From this common ground, leaders are then able to communicate ideas that benefit the whole group. They are also able to walk the group through several important stages. They are able to go from planning to actual implementation and project conclusion.

Understanding How to Work with Differences to Produce Standardized Results

Leaders understand the importance of standards. They are clear as to whether a project is successful or not. This clarity arises from their clear appreciation of what their initial goals are.

A scouting background enables you to work with people who have different perspectives. Regardless of your differences, you work with them to achieve the same goal. In fact, scouting gives youth many opportunities to learn how to build bridges among very different people.

This enables individuals from all walks of life and all backgrounds to work with each other in an effective way. This happens despite the fact that they come with different skills and different strengths.

Scout Leaders Get the Whole Team to Buy In

One very important leadership skill scouting movements teach youth is the importance of getting the whole team to buy into the team’s mission. Emotional investment is the key. When people feel that they are emotionally invested in the greater success of the team as a whole, they are inspired to put in maximum effort. They are inspired to live up to their fullest potential.

The Bottom Line

Effective leadership has little to do with with aptitude or technical know-how. Instead, it has almost everything to do with your ability to inspire people to step up and perform their best. The Scouting movement has put together a very powerful and effective program that helps youth become more effective leaders, thanks to the power of clear group communication.