Miele Complete C3 Canister Vac Review and Features

Miele Complete C3 Canister Vac Review and Features

For beginners, in this Miele complete c3 canister vac review, we would be focusing on the motor. Miele has produced some new features, a 2015 low-noise, 1200-watt Vortex Motor, which can be incorporated into their models. Why should we have only 1200 Watts? They have to comply with the rules of EU commission. On the device, you would see the plus-minus buttons which can be used to control the speed. The Brilliant and Homecare+ models also have handle controls that are used for smooth transitions from hardwood surfaces to carpeted areas.

All models are designed with the same AirClean Sealed System to ensure the proper removal of all the dust and debris and to avoid them from falling apart. In addition, the bag comes with a large storage capacity of 1.18 gallons. The G/N bag type can be considered as an important feature of the AirClean mechanism. The bags are manufactured from an electrostatically charged item and are closely fitted together due to the incorporation of the spring-loaded mechanism as well as the self-sealing collar. Finally, all the models (aside from the Cat&Dog and the Limited Version) are designed with a HEPA filter. But this is different from the normal HEPA.

This product part conforms to the European HEPA 13 standard, which implies that it will filter most of the airborne particles, down to almost zero level (vs 0.3 microns, which is widely used in standard HEPA filters). This product part is also designed with a TimeStrip indicator which tells you the right time to replace the filter. The Cat&Dog and the Limited Version comes with an Active filter, which can be described as HEPA filter with extra charcoal layers, for the complete elimination of any undesired odors.

Now, all the models are designed with a stainless steel telescope wand. You can connect lots of accessories to this wand, together with a set of 3 accessories that come with the original item: the upholstery tool, the SFD 10 Standard or Extended crevice nozzle, and the SSP 10 dusting brush. Other attachments depend on the model type, but we will consider that later.


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