How to Choose the Right Reciprocating Saw

How to Choose the Right Reciprocating Saw

There are two main choices when you want to choose a Reciprocating saw, among which include the cordless option and the corded option. Are you type that have your work coming to you or you are on the other hand going to your work. If perchance you work in most likely a scrap yard, a cordless reciprocating saw is the most ideal for you, as you may need to run all over to retrieve parts. The corded model, on the other hand, tends to provide an excellent cutting power most you are cutting catalytic converters off of cars that are on a lift, right before they are being transferred into the yard. An article on this website talks about the pros and cons of both types of reciprocating saws.

It is a very simple task to choose between the cordless models and the corded models. If perchance you work in an area that is close proximity to a powered outlet, you have to reason to opt for a high-powered cordless model. This way you end up paying more money upfront, the cost for the extra batteries to add up to buy a better model of your choice of a reciprocating saw and the performance cannot match that of the corded model.

Another important feature is the quick blade change adaptor.

The low-end models often have a hex wrench clamp incorporates for the blade and it is quite acceptable if you work indoors more than outdoors. The pattern of the wrench is the standard hex pattern, just in case you misplace or it gets lost. On the other hand, if you are working in tight areas, you are more likely to break or bend blades, meaning that stopping for few minutes to make a blade change is a luxury. This is the instance where the quick blade change adaptors come in useful; however, they are among the parts of the saw that easily is damaged. If you opting for this, it is important that you ensure that it is all comprised of metal parts and you aware of the fact that you saw could possibly be out of commission for weeks when it is out for repairs.


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