Guide to making a Swaddle Blanket for Your Newborn Baby

Guide to making a Swaddle Blanket for Your Newborn Baby

The exciting feature about Swaddling blankets is that it is not hard to produce them if you understand the process. The items you need make it achievable are fabric, scissors, measuring tape, a sewing machine, and a bit of creativity. A fascinating part of this process is when you are selecting the color scheme and design of the blanket. Check out this video of how to swaddle your newborn in a blanket.

When you start shopping for the appropriate fabric for your baby you will have numerous options like flannel, velour, or cotton to select from. Once you acquire a fabric you will definitely want to remove the shrinkage by washing and drying it. Always take into account that you want a fabric that will look good on you and provide comfort. You should avoid opting for thick fabric that will make the baby feel uncomfortable or the one that is difficult to use. A particular brand called Baby fabric is widely accepted due to some obvious reasons, and will always be effective as swaddle blankets. In addition, always cut your fabric to a dimension of 45 inches by length and 45 inches in width.

The next step of this project is to place and lay the blanket on the surface with the design side facing the downward direction. After completing this step, endeavor to fold over the sides by 1/4 inch, and then fold them again using the same dimension, to conceal the exposed raw edge. After completing this task, use pins to attach them together in order to keep the blanket safe.

The final step is sewing the blanket and you can also create your favorite design. After you have selected your thread you can now make use of your sewing machine to complete the task. When installing the machine, endeavor to fix the stitch to medium zigzag. Start sewing from the corner of the blanket and along the folded sides to ensure that they are well-fitted. Endeavor to always backstitch at the start and end of the operation.


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