Guide on How to Download Free WhatsApp Messenger for Pc

Guide on How to Download Free WhatsApp Messenger for Pc

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app, it has met the needs of its users by making the availability of the web users. WhatsApp Web is a basic extension of the smartphone version as though you respond via the web browser; however, you can have those messages on your smartphone version. You can download free WhatsApp messenger for pc from their official site.

Use WhatsApp Directly from Your Chrome Browser

You can redefine the way you are messaging and texting henceforth by using WhatsApp instant messenger. WhatsApp Instant messenger has a new feature, whereby users can now access this messaging service from the convenience of their PC, via their web browser. Here is a new method of using WhatsApp from your computer, which is referred to as WhatsApp Web. All that is required is accessing the WhatsApp Web link at using a web browser, it is important you are aware of the fact that google chrome is the most preferred browser since the feature is only available with this browser. However, WhatsApp has assured its users that WhatsApp Web will be compatible with other browsers very soon.

Using WhatsApp Web in Google Chrome browser?

It is a very easy process to use WhatsApp in your google chrome web browser. All that is required is that you have an updated version of WhatsApp on your smartphone. Below you will find a below guide aimed at enlightening you on how to use WhatsApp web on your Desktop/Laptop/PC;

Step 1: Navigate to the official web page for WhatsApp web

Step 2: Open the WhatsApp App on your smartphone. Click the menu button on the right top and click on WhatsApp Web.

Step 3: Scan the QR code on your browser using your smartphone, just so the devices can be paired.

Step 4: It is important you Stay connected to the Internet on both the devices.

Step 5: Send text messages to your friend and respond to the text messages right from your browser.

Step 6: Congrats! You are paired and enjoy texting to your family and friends.


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