Examining the Use of the Slate Board and Knives for Cheese

Examining the Use of the Slate Board and Knives for Cheese

There are various boggling cheese boards these days. There was a time when wooden boards were used for presenting cheese to the table. These days you can select from slate rounds, marble slabs, glass, and ceramic plates, footed plates and shallow bowls as cheese boards, but ideally, you can use anything that is flat. The slate board assists in providing distinctive natural surfacing for serving hors d’oeuvres and cheese. The manufacturers fashion them in either black or red, and they give a natural edge.

Marble has been studied to hold temperature, so it will assist in keeping a cheese chilled for a period, though marble, similar to a stone, can be hard on your knives. There are marble cheese boards that have a cutting wire incorporated in them, which can be of assistance when you intend on serving hard cheeses.

One of the pleasures of a slate is that you can write the name of the cheese being served and its accompaniment on the board. Another advantage is that the slate board makes provision of a dark background that giving gives more beauty to the cheese. The dark background is an excellent feature because busy backgrounds tend to have the audience distracted from appreciating the beauty of what is being presented.

Wood is classic piece: this choice is easy to clean, it is easy on the tools and it is a simple backdrop on which your cheese is presented. Whichever choice you opt for it is important you opt for a choice that will give the center stage to your cheese and their accompaniments.

Knives and Tools

In their many forms and shapes, cheese knives can be somewhat mysterious. Below is a guide on the use of each tool:

The spade-shaped knife is fabricated with a sharp edge for cutting aged, hard cheeses.

The hatchet or flat knife is excellent at cutting cheese into slices or cubes; it is also useful as a spatula for transferring the cheese to a plate.

The wide fork is an amazing tool for chipping aged cheese, like Parmigiano and Havilah or blue cheeses like Stilton. It is also used to transfer the cheese from the board to individual plates.

The small rounded spreader is a tool that is perfect for soft cheeses like chevre and for serving mustards or accompanying preserves.


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