Contact us if you’re interested in the scouting lifestyle. This website provides all sorts of resources for both parents and youth who are looking for more information on what scouting is, its values, the skills that it can teach, as well as the general scouting lifestyle.

The information we provide applies to all scouting movements from all countries. Consider the information we provide as a framework which you can then customize and tweak to fit your movement’s particular set of circumstances. Make changes as you fit based on the resources you have available as well as based on local needs and situations.

These resources give you an inside look on not only what it’s like to be a scout, but also on the greater impact scouting teaches you has on other people. Scouting is not just a private decision. It also has a distinct social and community impact. If you become a scout, you’re not just learning skills that benefit you. Scouting trains you to become a social asset. The leadership and teamwork skills you learn will help make you an asset to any organization you join in the future

We Provide Encouragement

We understand that many young people are going through a tough time as they cope through their teenage years or young adulthood. This website provides content that encourages prospective scouts to look into scouting to build up their self confidence and self esteem.

We Foster Community Support

By creating a great resource on the internet for people who are interested in anything related to scouting, we hope to create a vibrant community around our shared interest. This community of helpful individuals can foster a healthy and robust exchange of information that can help people from all over the world who are interested in the scouting lifestyle.

Feel Free to Contact Us

Contact us to share resources, articles, directory information, contact information regarding local scouting organizations in your area, as well as your comments and suggestions on how we can improve this website. Our ears are always open to suggestions and feedback. We know that, just like with any other online resource, there is always room for improvement.

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Collaborate with Us

Feel free to submit proposals for joint collaboration regarding content, online resources, as wells as any other material you believe can help existing or prospective scouts from all over the world. We would be happy to collaborate with you to ensure that people interested in the scouting movement will get the assistance and support they need.

We also welcome any collaborative requests for speaking opportunities. There are all sorts of scouting conventions and symposia all over the world. Feel free to share with us any scouting related speaking opportunities you may have come across.

Our goal is to turn this site into a global repository of all scouting-related information and resources. By having one central go to source for scouting information, scout movements from all four corners of the world would have a place to network, collaborate, coordinate, and draw inspiration from each other’s trials, victories, experiments, and initiatives.