An Ultimate Guide to Golf Shoe Materials

An Ultimate Guide to Golf Shoe Materials

An excellent pair of golf shoes is vital if you intend on having a great time on the golf course. Most golfers still walk around the golf course, thus inspiring the manufacturers to invest their resources to research and development, just so your needs of comfort can be met with. Due to the fact that you do plenty of walking during your game, modern golf shoes are essential in your arsenal and they deserve to be tagged as tools for “game-improvement”.

The following information will assist you in understanding golf shoe material better, thus assisting you in finding the pair that is right for you:


Among all the material choices for golf shoes in the market, leather is the most popular. The leather is processed and it is incorporated to the exterior of the shoe, thus creating a tight-fitting, stretch-free waterproof golf shoe. Typically golf shoes come in a saddle form of design in order to stabilize the shoe surface and it is the best option form summer golf as it tends to be a lot more breathable than other material choices.

Waterproof Linings

Goretex is a high-end material that is sought after due to its waterproof properties. Nonetheless, other manufacturers have their substitutes. As mentioned earlier it has water resisting properties and it is extremely thick, making it a renowned choice for winter play. The material is waterproof and it is breathable. Feedbacks from consumers reveal that it is a lot warmer than leather, meaning that it is an ideal choice for golf games hosted abroad or hot summer golf games.


Most manufacturers use a man-made upper than a material, for an alternative to leather when they want to cover the shoe. It is a non-porous polyester that is spread over the shoes, thereby protecting the outer shell of the shoe. The choice of the lining is thinner and lighter than leather, in the sense that the price of the shoe is less compared to high-end materials, though it is not as breathable. These shoes are less common in the market, as the manufacturers are waxing out cheap shoes with engineered materials that offer breathability and comfort.


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