Our mission is to help youth from all over the world and from all backgrounds to discover the benefits of scouting. Scouting cuts across all divisions. It doesn’t matter what nationality you are, it doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor or the color of your skin. It doesn’t matter what religion or creed you have. The scouting philosophy is universal. Through scouting, people can unite around certain core fundamentals that help young people achieve future success.

Scouting is Fun

The most obvious aspect of scouting is that it’s a lot of fun. You get tremendous amounts of opportunities to get out in the great outdoors as well as to test your imagination, creativity and resourcefulness.
Young people are also given opportunity after opportunity to coordinate with each other and work as a team. Regardless of a young person’s personality type, working together with other scouts can help them become more confident, more self assured, and more effective.

The Scout Mindset Unlocks Your Sense of Possibility

Girl scouts and boy scouts all share many traits. One of these traits is an unbounded sense of possibility. When you go through a scouting program, you not only learn a lot of skills, but you are also encouraged by what your ability to learn these skills mean. You tap into the extremely empowering principle that you can learn what you need to learn to be a happy, well-rounded and successful person.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, it doesn’t matter what your background is, you have what it takes to learn what you need to learn to transcend boundaries and limits. The only limit to your success and effectiveness as an individual are your imagination and creativity.

Scout Skills Teach You Important Values

Besides the long list of practical skills that scouting teaches, scouting also imparts very important values like curiosity, the willingness to follow up, attention to detail, as well as setting and meeting standards. Scouts learn early on how to work with a deadline and they quickly figure out the importance of punctuality. These are very important life skills that pay off tremendously throughout the adult life of a scout.

The Scouting Movement Seeks to Build a Generation of Leaders

The scouting movement from all over the world, regardless of organization, seeks to build a generation of leaders. Leaders are resilient. They do not let setbacks keep them down.

They are also persistent. Regardless of initial objections and rejections, they keep pushing through. Why? They are very hopeful. They know that with hard work, perseverance and belief in themselves, they will achieve a breakthrough.

Accordingly, the majority of youths who have graduated from scouting programs are skilled and competent individuals. They have invested a lot of time, effort and energy in building up their skills so they can benefit others. This highlights a key aspect of scouting, which is compassion. By learning important skills, scouts are able to help more people and they are trained to be eager to help.

Leadership, ultimately, is all about being ready, willing and eager to serve everybody else.